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Newcastle Sai Centre - Mahila (Ladies) Wing

The Mahila wing has taken great shape in Newcastle Sai centre due to the enthusiasm shown by the mahila devotees.

Mahila wing members took an active part in organizing the Easwaramma Day Celebrations this year.

The first regional Mahila Day celebration was hosted by the Newcastle Sai centre on the 13th of June 2009 (download flyer & programme here).

Article in the Love & Light Newsletter July 2009 issue about the event:

The Ladies (Mahila) wing was formally inaugurated with Regional Ladies Day celebrations on the 13th of June 2009 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Devotees from Lidge Green and Halifax participated in the event. The event started with our SSE children doing a small prayer followed by an invocation song by our bhajan co-coordinator Mrs. Gaythri Menon. Mrs. Rekha Bhatt started the ball rolling with games, especially for Ladies, based on Human Values with prizes for the winners.

Simultaneously the men folk had a study circle discussion in the adjacent room which was started with a talk by Mr. Graeme Hunter on his “Experiences with Swami from a psychic point of view”. His experience of seeing God as Mahavishnu over the Prasanti campus during his first visit in the sky (when he didn’t even know who He was and how Mahavishnu looked) was very interesting. The study circle concentrated on the topic of our journey from Sagun Brahma (form) to Nirgun Brahma (formless) and how it can be travelled easily with strong faith in God.

We started the afternoon session (common for both men and women) with a dance recital by Ms Janaki Nair. The piece was mesmerizing, inviting Sai Krishna into the hall for the event. A talk by Dr Vijay Anand from Halifax followed which kept the audience smiling with his experiences with Swami. This talk was initially planned for the morning session (for men alone) but was moved to the afternoon session due to the ladies expressing their interest to hear him talk as well.

The highlight of the day was the talk by Mrs Gayathri Nadella (former Sai College student) which kept the audience glued to their chairs on “Motherhood” and her experiences with Bhagawan during her college years. The talk started with a small song (she is an excellent singer too) which made the audience sit up and the talk on her experiences made sure that we were all attentive throughout.

Ms Doreen Musgrove did a workshop on tai Chi (Moving meditation) that enabled people to remove the negative energies and link with their inner conscience. This rejuvenated the people in the hall and the bhajan session following the workshop (lady singers only) was spiritually invigorating.

With arathi to Bhagawan, we prayed that the Mahila wing event should be “just a beginning for the various activities planned through the Ladies wing in the centre as well as in the region” and we finished the day with smiles and enthusiasm.


No function is complete without the contribution from the Mahila wing. This can be attributed to both our New Year & Easter celebrations this year as well. Plans are on to do more service activities in Newcastle through this wing.

Co-ordinators: Mrs Ellora Medhi; Mrs Shoba Nair & Mrs Rekha Bhatt


Baba on Mahilas and their value in society

Women devotees in Sai Movement are participating in large numbers enthusiastically in service activities such as helping the women of weaker sections to learn some useful trades like tailoring, so that they can earn some money for the family and also spend their time usefully. If such activities are taken up all over the country, the country will prosper. This sacred work is typical of the culture of our ancient country. Women are the heirs of our ancient culture. Culture means refinement. Women are the torch-bearers of refinement, and they are toiling for the emancipation of the nation.

Divine Discourse: 19 April 1998


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